Many business and individual clients have some type of interaction with Real Estate/Lending issues. Whether it is buying a home, renting or buying an existing structure, dealing with property boundary issues, title issues or simply obtaining a loan, the Godwin Law Group can help. The Godwin Law Group has ten (10) years of experience in guiding people and businesses through these situations.

In addition, the Godwin Law Group has a wealth of experience in representing lending institutions who are loaning money to individuals and businesses. This experience does include residential lending, but goes well beyond this. The Godwin Law Group has previously represented lenders in closing the following types of loans: SBA, Unsecured, Commercial, Industrial, Lines of Credit, Raw Land, and Modifications. The Godwin Law Group delivers these services with an eye toward closing the transaction in a speedy and meticulous matter which will reflect well on the Lender.

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