The Godwin Law Group has a great deal of Landlord/Tenant experience in the courts of Georgia. We understand that Landlords (and Tenants) are not in the business of becoming involved in litigation. However, Landlord (and Tenants) often find themselves in disputes which require legal assistance.

Mr. Godwin has a vast experience in Landlord/Tenant matters. Mr. Godwin has helped resolve disputes that resulted out of pre-leasing, re-leasing of space, early termination of leases, disputes over lease contract language and evictions. In fact, Mr. Godwin has actually litigated and successfully won a Landlord/Tenant case with a jury (something that very few attorneys have ever done).

In addition, Mr. Godwin provides lease drafting expertise to many landlord clients. Often these type services are offered on a small flat fee basis and can be extremely beneficial to landlords prior to getting into a lease dispute.

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