A judgment is only as good as the paper it’s printed on. The real art, and the real value of legal assistance is collecting on a judgment. At the end of the day, the Godwin Law Group is committed to not only getting our clients a favorable outcome or judgment but also to making sure that all the money and effort will result in an economic benefit. Many firms do not value helping their clients collect on the judgments they obtained. The Godwin Law Group does not see the issuance of a judgment the end of the road.

The Godwin Law Group has focused a part of its practice on helping its clients collect money from others. Whether it be from a bankruptcy estate, a probate estate, post-judgment collection proceedings, or asset location this firm has experience in such collection matters. Mr. Godwin has represented a number of companies and individuals in locating and capturing assets of debtors through various legal proceedings, including attachments, garnishments and sheriff sales, distress warrant and levies.

The focus of the Godwin Law Group in this area is undertaken with an eye towards a Cost/Benefit Analysis. We advise our clients regarding the likelihood of recovery long before undertaking such efforts. We work with our clients on flexibility of our billing structure for this type of work and have periodically take such work on a contingency basis. The Godwin Law Group can give you the best and most economical alternatives whereby our clients can collect from others.

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