Many clients are often impacted when others file Bankruptcy, especially those with claims against a debtor. We have often represented creditors (both companies and individuals) in the United States Bankruptcy Courts. The bankruptcy practice is a very streamlined process, but to those without experience in the matter, the entire system can appear confusing. The Godwin Law Group has experience representing creditors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies. On behalf of clients we have contested valuation hearings, confirmation of reorganization plans, motions for relief from the automatic Stay, initial debtor/creditor conferences, and adversarial proceedings. The Godwin Law Group recognizes that often the goal of a creditor is to maintain its claim/judgment amount against the debtor or to have the Court reduce that claim by as little as possible. With the help of the Godwin Law Group this can be accomplished quickly, efficiently, and with an eye towards controlling legal expenses.

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